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Fireplace TV Stands
Have questions?  Call us today!  We're happy to help!
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Fireplace TV Stands serve both as an electric fireplace and as a stand for your TV and/or media components.  The Fireplace TV Stands that we offer have an electric fireplace that has features you won't find on a wood-burning fireplace: a range of temperature controls (including a choice of having it on but without any heat, which is great for ambience in the summer), brightness control, as well as a timer feature so that it can be shut off automatically after a certain time period - usually from 1 to 8 hours.  Most even come with a remote control for the fireplace.  Did we mention no need for a chimney and no need to replace logs?  Especially nice if your city has 'no burn' days in the winter.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Check out our selection online, or visit our Mesa or Gilbert furniture stores to see other finish & style options.

: Before shopping for a TV Stand, it is best to measure the TV from side to side...a 48" Plasma TV usually describes the screen size diagonally, not horizontally, so to find the right TV Stand, you need to know the OUTSIDE measurements of the TV, horizontally from side to side, and plan on leaving room behind it for ventilation as well as component wiring.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Some manufacturers may refer to their TV Stands as a "Cart" but it may not have casters.  Any casters, if present, are only for manufacturing purposes and for safety, need to be removed by the consumer.
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