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Modular Office Pieces
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Modular Home Office Furniture is a nice alternative for Home Office design.  Pieces can be selected to compliment the specific needs of the Home Office, whether the needs are functional, such as multiple file-bases with hutches, or spatial, to configure to a certain room.
Although they are meant to be a cost-saving alternative to pricey custom-fitted home office furniture, please note:  no pieces of modular furniture fit absolutely perfectly together as if they were one custom unit.  Modular furniture is best suited to flat flooring, and even then there can be slight gaps.  Because modular pieces sit as separate units adjoining each other, variances in leg style and weight may cause them to sit differently on carpeted surfaces or on tile or other flooring.  This could cause their edges to not quite line up.  This is not caused by manufacturing defect, but by the furniture's individual shape and weight upon the plush of the carpet or the variances in flooring.  To help the pieces to line up more evenly, the customer may install brackets to attach the pieces together, so that they are more like a single unit, or shims can be used as well.

Because they are heavy pieces, the Hutches sit on Desk tops by gravity.  Manufacturers do not provide brackets to attach them together, nor do they provide wall anchors.  Any attaching of Hutches to Desk tops or anchoring them to a wall is the customer's own responsibility.  Brackets, wall anchors, or wood shims can usually be found at a local hardware store. 

Our website showcases some examples from our manufacturers.  Come to one of our stores to see many more!
*All measurements are given in inches, W x D x H, and are approximate, based on manufacturer information.